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The resident population of Argentine origin has doubled since 2010

It is the fifth nationality after Andorran, Spanish, Portuguese and Gallic

The population of Argentine origin is the fifth social group – in terms of nationality – after Andorrans, Spaniards, Portuguese and French. It is far from the rest of the communities but has experienced a remarkable growth since 2010, when the residents from Argentina were around 600 and the British nationals were even more numerous. At the end of 2021, there were already 1,149 Argentines registered in the parish censuses. Data that show that part of the workers who have historically been temporary have ended up taking root in the country. And it is a phenomenon that has been experienced especially since 2017, when there were still 642 resident Argentines.

In fact, a coincidental phenomenon in the statistical information related to the population that the Government department dedicated to data management facilitates monthly is the loss of the Portuguese population while the rest of the nationalities and the other group, a group for the less numerous communities and headed by Argentina. A question that is attributed to the fact that the great demand for labor is being largely met with workers of Latin American origin. Portugal, which has been a traditional source of labor, has lost two thousand residents since 2010. The group was the most affected by the great construction crisis of 2008, which causing many workers to seek other destinations, and has continued to lose residents despite the subsequent economic recovery and growth that the billet sector has experienced again. In the last population statistics there were 8,777 inhabitants. It should be borne in mind, however, that part of these losses may be caused by the naturalization of longer-term residents.

As for the first group of foreign residents, Spanish has not stopped growing in the same period (since 2010) and now exceeds 20,000 people. Nor has it slowed down the French community, which now numbers 3,700 residents. Andorrans in November were close to 38,900.


More than a thousand Argentines

The population census of 2021 recorded 1,149 Argentine residents. In 2010 there were around 600.

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